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Cool idea, and I love the art. :) There's not much to it yet, but it's a good base for a game.

I cherish my mouse too much to play this, but I could see it being fun for someone enthusiastic about a carpal tunnel rogue-lite.

I could see myself playing this a while if I didn't have to click so much, tbh. I feel like there's a better idea that could replace that basic mechanic. Maybe you click once every few seconds and the laser blasts down and your bones go up for a few seconds giving you maybe 20 or so.

blit-blat responds:

You can always buy a new mouse, how many opportunities do you get to kill every human on the planet? ;)

Level 19 really baffled me even once I had all the hints but I figured out why the answer was what it was after staring at it for a while, lol. The only one I felt a little cheated on was 24. I had the numbers in there but didn't realize you were making a flip phone reference. I bet a lot of people playing this never even used a flip phone! These were some fun brain teasers, though.

I thought the game just grew a field, but then I saw the icon for it and realized I must be missing something. I think I'd have the seeds appear much faster. I closed out the game after making a bit of grass and thinking that's all that was going to happen.

It was kinda fun planting the flowers for a while and seeing what would come up.

Kinda fun, but I wish there was a way to get to the actual top. All that effort just to be left hanging at the very edge!

This is so stupid, I love it!

I like the idea, but I would add in the ability to close the art with the space bar, so you don't have to alternate between the mouse and the keyboard. I'm not sure there's much point to the walking around. It might work better as an actual calendar so you can click each day to see the the next one. An actual adventure where you have to find the new picture each day would be a cool alternative, as well--like a little map to explore or something? Not much going on at the moment, but the art pieces are nice.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

You can now close the art with spacebar, as well as the escape key and mouse click.

And some little hunt for the art might be cool. There may or may not be extra little explorable areas planned ahead wink wink shhhhh

I'm amazed at how many cool ideas there are here. I almost closed it after it said "thanks for playing" though - I thought that was the end!

The controls aren't so great in the blood levels. I had to stop about halfway through those because I felt like I was fighting with the game to do what I wanted. I kind of liked how you told the story and how there was some adventure elements. The actual game part of it was never great fun, but the story line and world building kept me interested long past when I normally would have stopped playing, so nice work there. :)

Munguia responds:

thanks for comment and play

Kinda fun. There was a little bit of the whole "TOO MANY KEYS" thing going on, though. Especially in the last level. I think that would have been more fun if there were a few levels before that previewed the moves you needed, like jumping and throwing in a certain pattern. I had a feeling it was the end, so I stuck with it in spite of the sudden jump in difficulty, and it was fun to finish it out.

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