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I don't know why this made me laugh so hard...

This video was clearly the inspiration for Everything Everywhere All At Once.

I wasn't expecting to be blasted with quality like that, lol.

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Cool idea, and I love the art. :) There's not much to it yet, but it's a good base for a game.

I cherish my mouse too much to play this, but I could see it being fun for someone enthusiastic about a carpal tunnel rogue-lite.

I could see myself playing this a while if I didn't have to click so much, tbh. I feel like there's a better idea that could replace that basic mechanic. Maybe you click once every few seconds and the laser blasts down and your bones go up for a few seconds giving you maybe 20 or so.

blit-blat responds:

You can always buy a new mouse, how many opportunities do you get to kill every human on the planet? ;)

Level 19 really baffled me even once I had all the hints but I figured out why the answer was what it was after staring at it for a while, lol. The only one I felt a little cheated on was 24. I had the numbers in there but didn't realize you were making a flip phone reference. I bet a lot of people playing this never even used a flip phone! These were some fun brain teasers, though.

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I'm surprised I never commented on this. It's so pretty. :)

The synth is much wider and more developed than the strings. I think they could use something more. Maybe look for a sterioizer or some way to widen the sound a bit. When the synth came in it suddenly had a lot more depth.

Nice melodies tho. :]

Now bad for a first attempt! It's got some good production, but it also didn't stand out in any specific way to me. I think Dubstep kind of thrives on having a sort of gimmick or production theme to play with, you know?

Puttyboy responds:

Yeah in a way, but thank you :D Its a pretty old track from like 2 years ago, so it may sounds unoriginal cause back then I was trying to be like so many dubstep producers at once XP

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Everything about this is fantastic!

I love the pixie!

I like all the references! The ink style is really nice.

EDIT: I didn't see the fish at first, but I do now!

JampaDare responds:

Thanks! But did you spot the fish? : D

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