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Kajenx's News

Posted by Kajenx - January 2nd, 2010

My parents had an old scanner they weren't using and they gave it to me! So now I can scan in my drawings and put them on here, YAY! I've been drawing like a maniac lately, so you can expect more soon.

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kaj enx/demon

</attention whore>

Also, for anyone who's interested, I've started work on the next Ether Cannon/War related game. This one plays like a tower defense/base defense hybrid. No idea when it'll be done, but it should be pretty epic. Sadly this one won't be multiplayer like I promised, but it'll still be fun.

Wakka wakka wakka.

New Scanner, YAY!

Posted by Kajenx - November 21st, 2009


Probably my best song yet.

I also released another older one yesterday; go take a listen and tell me what you guys think!

Weirdest song on NG!

Posted by Kajenx - October 29th, 2009


It's a pretty simple game, but I think it's fun for a few minutes. Tell me how far you guys get, I think I got to level 23 once.


Posted by Kajenx - October 10th, 2009

Reply to this post with the most creative use for a hammer you can think of, and I'll rate your creativity from 1 to 10. Multiple replies are expected and encouraged.

Also, go buy Waterflame's new CD!!!!

EDIT: A lot of responses are using a hammer as a hammer is already used. No matter how imaginative your story is, using a hammer to pound things in or leaver things out isn't a creative use of a hammer. The point of the exercise is to think like the inventors of the Frisbee and the Bean Bag Chair. Just thinking of a new use for something can bring fame and fortune!

EDIT 2: Ok I'm going to bed! :D I'll answer any new ideas tomorrow.

Posted by Kajenx - August 11th, 2009

I know it sounds kinda lame and corny, but it's such an honor to get monthly 1st! It's the sort of thing you hope for, but you don't feel like will actually happen (kind of like my whole career as a game designer has been). This site, and flash culture as a whole, has given me such a great opportunity to do what I've always wanted to do, and at the end of day that's worth more than anything to me.

I want to thank you guys for the outpouring of reviews and comments too. There's really nothing like the flash portal for a student of game design, you guys are fair and honest and I feel like every game I make I get closer to my goal of making something really fun for the broadest possible audience. I understand that there were people who didn't like William and Sly, and your comments helped the most. I still feel like I'm in the growing process, but I also feel like I've learned more making this game than I have on anything else I've made. I'm going into my next big project equipped with that, so hopefully I'll make less mistakes this time around.

TL:DR - Thanks for all the support. :3

Picture: Sly in front of William's cabin - late 2007

Thank you NG!

Posted by Kajenx - July 24th, 2009

I found these videos posted on YouTube and thought they would suffice as a good walk-through. They are basically spoilers for the entire game so DON'T WATCH IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED YET!

This first one is actually a speed run walk-through, so if you follow it exactly you'll be able to complete the whole game in around 25 minutes.

/* */
And this one is for everyone who thought the boss was impossible, random, etc. Please go facepalm now. :P

/* */
Hope that helps! Thank you everyone for making the game such a hit, if you left a review and I didn't respond, I still read it. I just don't have time to respond to all of them.

Also, I'm sorry about the few of you who couldn't get the game working on your computer! If anyone was having loading problems and they figured out why, let me know and I'll spread the word.

Posted by Kajenx - July 17th, 2009

I've been so excited to post William and Sly! I've gone through 3 different versions of this game off and on over the past 2 years trying to get it to where it is today, and now it's finally finished! It's kind of a surreal experience seeing it in the portal.


Posted by Kajenx - June 24th, 2009

So, I went in expecting lots of explosions and not much plot line, and that's what I got. Yet, and I think this is the first time I'm saying this, holy crap it didn't matter! The whole movie was a visual masterpiece, and the perfect summer blockbuster. I can't even imagine the amount of money they spent on that thing, but from the 5 fully packed theaters where I went for the midnight showing, I'm guessing they'll make it all back pretty damn fast.

You can go in expecting to be bored for the 2 minutes they spend trying to make the characters matter (don't worry, it's smattered throughout the movie in short doses), and highly entertained for 158 minutes they spend drenching the screen with exploding robots, at least if you like that kind of thing. There's also a lot of humping and corny slapstick jokes.

In other news, I'm days away from finishing my platformer, for anyone who cares. :P EDIT: ZOMG it's finished!

Posted by Kajenx - April 28th, 2009



It's almost summer for meh, so my game will be finished soon!

Say hello to my little friend:


Posted by Kajenx - March 26th, 2009

Zomg I worte another song! (lolworte) Go be audially penetrated:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /224154

Also tell me what you think!


I'm also starting to make real progress on my next game! *finally* So that'll be out in the near or distant future... :/ (Replace the dude in the pic with a fox. :3)

NEW SONG! - DnB - Psycho Robots :3