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Kajenx's News

Posted by Kajenx - October 22nd, 2010

The next game in the Ether series has FINALLY arrived! Hooray and all that crap...

This game has had the hardest time so far, so I'm hoping that won't continue into a downward spiral of doom and destruction. If you guys like it, leave me a review! I do read all of them, even though I might not always respond. You can only say "thanx 4 review!!!" so many ways, you know?


Posted by Kajenx - August 12th, 2010

I thought I'd be dramatic like M-L-S.


Posted by Kajenx - June 23rd, 2010

Help! I adopted a puppy from the shelter a few days ago and he suddenly got really sick! He was fine the first day, but then developed this really bad cough and big clumps of hair started falling out. I figured he was just nervous being somewhere new, or maybe because I had started his dog fight training too soon, but now I think it might be because I accidentally filled his new dog dish with ammonia!

I tried to return him but they said they wouldn't give me a refund and that I should bring him to a vet as soon as possible. The vet said he needed a full stomach and intestinal transplant but I don't have that kind of money; I'd have to buy another dog to get the replacement intestines on top of the $10,000 surgery...

Now, I know a lot of people have been making jokes about this, but this is serious business (srsly)! If I can't fix the little guy I'll never be able to fulfill my dream of winning the neighborhood Jack Russel puppy fighting championship!

Here's a link where you can donate money: Paypal

He was so cute the day I brought him home, so his current look is definitely more BA, but if I can't get the money for the surgery, he'll never be a fighter... D:


Posted by Kajenx - May 26th, 2010

This was too good to pass up.


Posted by Kajenx - April 30th, 2010

So I keep hearing about this pickle day, and apparently Tom made some game about a pickle a long time ago when he wasn't so damn old, and it was popular among emo goths and suicidal teenagers or something, and now people celebrate it in the same way respected historical figures are, except Martin Luther King day involves a lot less spam and a lot more people with bleeding hearts, which is a dangerous condition brought on by listening to John Stuart, or so I've heard. I'm not sure what a pickle has to do with all that, as I generally hate all semi rotten vegetables and also flash games and wouldn't be caught dead eating or playing either respectively, but I wish you all well and hope the pickle celebrations are done in a safe and non-violent manner (or at least reserve your violence for the designated stick men and poorly drawn video game references that have taken over the portal and are slowly dragging Newgrounds into a flaming pit of despair...or something).

On a different note, today I attended my last class EVAR (assuming I pass everything and I don't end up going to graduate school when I'm older and have more sense). This means from now on I'll have nothing but art to fill in the long hours of staying alive between sleeps. I'll either become monstrously prolific and rich, or wither into a wrinkly ball of despair, or both, as they aren't mutually exclusive. Either way, I'll need to pay the bills, so you can expect some new games by me to come soon to a portal near you.

Speaking of games, they're announcing the Tank Trophies today!! Since I'm wasting my FP news post wishing Tom a happy birthday, I'll go ahead and congratulate whoever won now. Or if it's me, then I retract my congratulations out of feigned modesty. I'm kind of hoping it isn't because then all that I have left to look forward to on my bucket list is a quick and painless death (DAMN YOU SATAN, YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!! Also, why are socks so darn difficult to put on your feet?)

On an unrelated note, pistachios.

Posted by Kajenx - April 16th, 2010

I keep hearing ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum coming from the next room. If they really are churning the butter over there, they're going damn fast and I hope they don't injure themselves...

On a related note, why is porn so boring?

Posted by Kajenx - April 5th, 2010

I know a crap ton of old painters after 6 some classes of art history here in college (and I have a long list of favorites), but I haven't seen many contemporary artists that I like in school. My teachers show a lot of slide shows, sure, but it's mostly crappy conceptual postmodern bullshit like paint smears, drips, and ripped up paper glued onto the canvas randomly.

So I want you guys to post your favorite 2D artists living and working today. Digital art and illustration is more than welcome; if there's any way I'm post-modern it's that I believe quality can come from anywhere and be made from anything. I'd love to see some traditional painters, though, as that's my first love. (I just got a camera recently so I'll be posting pictures soon!)

Here's my current (and rather feeble) list:
Joe Sorren
Graydon Parrish
Jacob Collins
Endling (from deviantArt :3)

Posted by Kajenx - February 28th, 2010

Ok, I'm not usually one to pat myself on the back, but this song is so fecking awesome I can hardly believe I made it. AHH, I'm so excited I want to run a few laps. Go listen to it and tell me what you think!


Posted by Kajenx - February 21st, 2010

I was reading on Roger Ebert's blog about his views on video games and I decided to send this response. Ebert is somewhat notorious for his views, so I'm not sure what his reply will be like (if there is one at all), but it could be an interesting debate.

What do you guys think? Are they art, or not?


Dear Mr. Ebert,

I really enjoy your movie reviews and I've found I agree with you in most of your opinions. However, I'd like to challenge your idea that video games can't be art. I will agree with you that most of the video games made today aren't art, but that isn't because they're stuck with a non-linear narrative to present to the player; it's because they're trying to make a linear narrative in the first place (and a mostly clich├ęd narrative, at that, but that's another argument).

Video games are still a rather new form of expression, and because of that they're trying to adopt conventions from other media, notably board games, film, and, yes, sports (I liked that comparison). However, if you dump the idea that art has anything to do with telling a story specifically, then video games have a lot of potential in terms of presenting a holistic emotional experience. Telling stories is one art form, yes, (and arguably a part of video games) but music is also an art form in its own right, and its "narrative" is entirely different from storytelling. I'm not entirely sure what your view of art is in general, but I've come to believe art can be defined as a form of communication that we can use to share experiences and ideas. There are many ways to do this, but I think video games may actually hold the greatest potential for this.

Consider someone is making a game about WWII. This person could write a story and drive game play mechanics around it, sure, but it wouldn't work entirely because it would be mechanical and the player would feel more like they were just in an interactive movie. In this way many of today's games fail to be a better form of expression than film or books because they are trying to balance two opposites. Games are experienced, and part of what makes them such a good platform for art is the direct involvement with and connection to the player. If the game in my example focused more on the experience of being in a war than the story that comes out of such an experience, it will be more successful.

However, this doesn't mean games shouldn't pursue a narrative at all; that's definitely an important aspect. It's just that in a game the narrative should serve to support the experience rather than try to be the experience itself. This is opposite in film, where the experience is derived from the emotional arks of the story and all of the acting and set design and filming and effects are aimed at supporting this narrative. Great game play comes from putting the player into an emotional state and keeping them there with active involvement; the environment itself becomes the expression. In this way it can be much more direct.

Another point I'd like to make is that I believe part of your argument comes from a misconception as to how much control the player really has over the outcomes of a game. I've been making games for the last four years as a flash developer, and most of what I've learned about game play mechanics in doing this is how little control the player actually wants. A video game is a lot more like a trick that the developer is playing on the player. The player believes that they are part of a changing world that is actually rather static in its conception. I think this is a defining characteristic that makes video games such a unique form of expression. The developer isn't giving up control of the medium to the player; they are involving the player directly in the emotional narrative as it unfolds, and the richer that connection is (the more the player feels a part of the game itself), the better a game tends to be.

One of the main reasons I'm writing to you with this is because, as an experienced movie critic, I feel you are one of the few people in the art world these days with any amount of intellectual integrity. I'm currently in my last year of art college (for painting, mainly) and I'm still trying to grasp the current state of painting and fine art in general. I've found solace in the fact that at least the more mainstream and commercial art forms still have a sense of craftsmanship and self-respect, and I'm hoping that by presenting my ideas you might be more willing to consider and recognize the potential of video games as an art form.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,
- Luke

Posted by Kajenx - January 10th, 2010

So I saw some posts about this on the FP, and I was going to restrain myself and not be a shameless attention whore, but then I realized shame is for pussies, soooo...

http://jayisgames.com/best-of/2009/pla tform/

Go vote for William and Sly EVERY DAY!!! PLZPLZPLZPLZ!!!

Or, you know, don't. :3

Also, here's a picture by Rembrandt.

Best of 2009 on JIG