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Those grunts were always such troopers. I loved massing them and plowing through armies...

Great work, it has the Blizzard feel to it, definitely. Feels like a watercolor illustration too. Nice textures!

jouste responds:

looove massing grunts!

thanks for the comment about it feeling blizzardy! glad you like the image pal!



This really oozes style and flair. You've got a great design sense and a rather good understanding of lights and texture. Nice work!


I guess I'll have to add a giant spider to the next one. I like the little darkling under the snow too, hehe. :3

G/L I hope it makes it in! :D


I've always loved your curvy women. They all look the same though...


Haha, regardless of political philosophy, it's hard to deny it's just a well drawn picture. I think the content is a little dramatic, but I'm used to that by now. Seems like everyone I know thinks the government is broken and corrupt. Maybe I'm ignorant, but I don't really see it. I'm sure there are corrupt people, but as a whole it seems to work pretty well in spite of all the ways it could go really wrong.

Pretty much everything that's happening now has historical precedent, and the present day is much tamer by comparison. It's easy to see why people are freaking out; everyone became complacent while the economic time bomb ticked down and now we have to deal with the consequences. However, I don't see the end of America as we know it. Maybe I'm just a stubborn optimist, but I don't think so. I probably just have less at stake than the classic middle-classer and thus have less to worry about.

Really cool!

I love all the textures and color depth! I can totally relate to having a hard time getting a photo, I've been thinking of using satin varnish on my paintings to cut the glare down. Still, when something is made out of enamel or glass, glare is kind of a part of the irl experience, so maybe you should just find some lighting that enhances the forms and go with that?

radiodark responds:

Yeah, bits and ribbons of glare can be quite complementary, but in this case it kept obscuring the figure in blobs and covering up the head, which really destroyed its ability to be identified as a figure. Thanks for the lovely words.


I wouldn't be surprised to see this in with some of the concepts you see on Blizzard's site. Great stuff!

Also, I always wondered, how do people walk in those boots...?

Pretty good!

It's obviously not traced. The eyes are too big and the hair is pretty different from the picture. It's fairly solid, though, which is the important part. People aren't generally going to compare a photograph to your work.

One thing, though, if you do any self portraits in the future, use a mirror! Self portrait is a perfect way to do life drawing without a model. It's a waste of time to mechanically copy a photograph; you aren't going to learn anything! A photograph flattens everything into shapes, so instead of finding shapes from masses (which is the best way to learn to draw from memory) you're just tracing with your eyes. That's how you end up with stuff like the wonky chin PixelPanda mentioned.

If you do insist on using pictures, though, try flipping them upside down and drawing, then do a mirror image on your drawing and the photo and keep drawing, then flip it right side up, etc. This will make any incorrect shapes stand out like a sore thumb.

itsKris responds:

I guess you're right on the mechanical drawing, it didn't feel totally robotic, but there were times that it did. Drawing from real life is so much harder though, lol, I can't get the same accuracy when the object's moving.
I understand what you mean though by how I'm drawing with my eyes and such :P I've done some gesture drawing before and used the upside down technique, but i didn't think to try either with this work.

I'll definitely take your suggestions into consideration, though in doing so my next piece might not be up to standards (my own), but it'll be a step in the right direction. Thanks for the review :)

Really interesting

I like the idea, but the clouds on the left are a bit too straight up and down for me, and the rays of light make a strange sort of encapsulation of the mountain beneath them so you get funny little parallel lines running through the composition. I think it could be more effective if you arranged the geometry of the scene to overlap and break up the straight lines.

You still achieved a pretty good effect though.

Pretty good!

I'm guessing you're a fan of Maxfield Parrish? :3 As with the other landscape, I think the colors could go a lot further, but the paint handling is nice.

JosiahT responds:

I actually painted this before I knew about parrish oddly enough haha.
This landscape was more strongly influenced by Da vinci its just that my handling of color then wasn't as good back then.

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