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Nice colors

I think the best part about this are the colors and the range of edge relationships. I like the way you treated the hair as a mass, and the shifts in coloration are very pleasing. I tend to focus more on color than anything else in my paintings, so I'm probably your ideal audience. :3

The anatomy is close, but feels a bit awkward, similar to the other large drawing of the man lying down (though maybe not as much), but that just gets down to more careful observation; I know the figure gets exponentially harder the bigger you go, so I don't really fault you on this (I have a painting I made this semester with a shrunken head :/). I'd just say make sure you're stepping back from the work more frequently, especially in the beginning stages when you're laying out the masses. Looking at it in reverse helps too (mirror).

Anyway, it's really great to see someone dedicated to accuracy. I'd love to see this in person.


The story made it even better. This belongs in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or maybe the world of Titan A.E.

jouste responds:

haha some very cool references!

thanks a lot for the high-score pal! i really gotta get going on a comic or something so these guys can live longer. i would love to have something i did as memorable as either of those properties.



It's kind of dreamy and surreal. I like how the colors blend and move together. I think you could work on edge relationships, though. Sometime a healthy blur is good, but since nearly everything has been blended so much in this it flattens it out and makes it less interesting. The hull of the ship works the best, I think, but the landmass has some nice moments on the left side.

Good lighting

Actually, I was going to say the lighting is one of the strengths of this render, as far as making the model look good. The wood looks great, the other stuff not as much. But overall it has a nice solidity to it.

Pretty good!

The proportions are a bit awkward and his pose seems stiff, but the character is there and the composition is solid.

Also, more background please! :3 Never underestimate the power of a background.

A little wonky

The character has a lot of attitude, but the perspective is a bit off. She looks like she has giant hips and legs. The coloring is nicely done though.

Really well done

Normally a big long piece like this is hampered by the standardized computer screen, but you seemed to have scrolling in mind in the design of the picture. I always loved this piece because of that (well, and the colors :3).


The stylization on the character works really well, and it feels really cohesive. The lack of a background is a little disorienting though.


I really like the face, that part feels like it's full potential was brought out. The style of the cloak/hood is interesting, but it seems like it could be a little more organized. The line work is a bit distracting to me.

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