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You really do some interesting things with pixels - gotta say...

Aww, moths are cute too. :3

i c wat u did thar

Very nice all around. :)

It's so pretty. OnO

Hey, I think this piece has some nice attention to detail. This angle of the face can be somewhat difficult to do.

If I can give a little tip (I know unsolicited advice can be annoying, so feel free to ignore me! :3) but you might benefit from trying a painting or two where you only allow yourself to use hard edged brushes at 80% or greater opacity. You can use anti-aliasing on the brush, of course, but the reason I'm suggesting this is that I see a lot of my own digital technique in your style, and I've recently discovered I can paint much faster by starting with very solid colors and blending them in a bit later if it seems necessary. when I figured that out I wished someone would have told me that a lot sooner, so here I am telling you. ^^ It will seem a little clunky at first, but if you block out the shading in lines on your drawing, then fill stuff in, you'll literally cut hours off your time. Layering the shading on with airbrushes just ends up taking forever. When the painting is close to done, a bit of airbrushing can give it the same effect, but it'll be faster because you can sample right from the painting itself and use it like a blending tool.

ANYway, not trying to preach or anything, just though it might be helpful! I think the leather is my favorite part of this drawing. :)

Anchimayen responds:

Thanks for looking at my painting and for taking the time to write something of an advice, it's really appreciated. I used to paint with single colors and then shade them with the burn/dodge tool from Photoshop, but i guess this would be faster and more controllable.

I can relate to what you say about the similarities in technique.

Always happy to see someone who can help me improve my style. Thanks! :)

Great way to travel. ^^

"Each is worth more than the other, which is nothing at all."

Wow, cool idea!

@ your comment about the background, I think anything detailed would be too over-the-top since the bird has such intricate, high-contrast lines. So many pictures end up like that! Your background, IMHO, fits really well with the hazy color. It's all balanced really well.

You must be a Mark Ryden fan, no? :D

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I was gonna say "Hey, it looks like Luis!"

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