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Posted by Kajenx - August 11th, 2014

My 8 year old JVC HA-M300 headphones have finally died.  The padding looks like torn up dinosaur hide, and the silvery plastic is worn away in big greasy splotches.  I'd use these things forever, but the chord must have broken on the right side.  If I jiggled it just right the sound would come back, but now that doesn't even work...

Well, anyway, I need some good recommendations.  I'm really picky about headphones because they usually make my head feel like it's going to pop like a pimple.  I tried on 20 or so pairs at Best Buy and felt extreme loathing for most of them, lol...  The Bose TrueSound headphones were AMAZING, but I'm not about to drop $150 for them.  I'm comfortable up to, maybe, $40-50 to get something a little nicer, but these JVCs were only $15 when I got them, and I've never heard clearer headphones.

So, I'm looking for extreme (note, extreme, I'm a total baby) comfort, and clear sound for ~$40.

Posted by Kajenx - June 24th, 2014

DBuck-Eye is making a team for power of four to (possibly) do a pixel art metroid type adventure game.  I'm lookng to do the background art, so if anyone wants to do the character animations please let me know here. :)

Posted by Kajenx - June 10th, 2014

Can anyone recommend some good tablet adventurey games?  I've tried a few and they weren't so good.  Most of them used vitual joystics and buttons, which are :( on the tablet.  I want to play something like zelda or diabo where I can poke at the screen to move and hack'n'slash.

Posted by Kajenx - May 6th, 2014

Hey guys!  I've got a gem style puzzle game I've been working on, and I'd like to do some waves of testing.  If you like games like Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, or Bejeweled, please leave a post here and I'll add you as a beta tester when the game is ready!

EDIT: I should note that the game has no sound and is in a "rough draft" state right now, so please don't sign up to test if you'd like to wait for the final version.  Maybe this is an "Alpha Test".

Posted by Kajenx - February 6th, 2014

So I've been working on a mobile game, and I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience dealing with publishers or publishing on their own, and what sort of experience/money each one was like. :)  I'd love to be independant, but I like making lots of money more, haha, so if it makes a huge difference I'd opt for partnering.

I've designed the game to work a lot like King's puzzle games, where you'd use microtransactions to restore "lives" that can be used to play levels.  It's a sort of gem matching game, but has some unique twists that I think really make it my own thing. :)

If you aren't comfortable posting direct numbers and want to send me a PM instead, that'd be really awesome.  I know it can be weird telling other people how much you've made, but I'm really looking for a bit of business advice as someone who's in the industry and looking to move onto other things, since flash sponsorships have become unreliable.  Even saying "I made 10x more going with a publisher than the game I released on my own" would be very helpful.

Posted by Kajenx - October 29th, 2013

Sort of…lol. I finally figured out an easy way to sell music! I’ve put together all the songs I’ve made for games over the years and it ended up being a nice little 5 track collection. Click here to check it out!

I know you can DL some of the songs here on NG, but these are all high quality versions. I might end up taking them off of here, but I dunno, I'd feel bad doing that. Is there some way to disable DL from NG?

P.s. I should warn you guys that the song for my new Everloom game is in there, so if you don’t want spoilers, don’t listen to it yet! Heh… The game is gonna be out soonish, so the wait is almost over!

Posted by Kajenx - October 11th, 2013

Show me your pumpkins!

,,( (^w^) ),,,,,,,( {} A {} ) ) ),,,,

LOL, mine look like they're graduating...

Edit: I had to remove the tops because of the spaces, lol...kind of appropriate.

Posted by Kajenx - August 17th, 2013

So, like, I'm used to all these print on demand stores that make it super easy to sell things online, and I thought, "Oh, hey, I should just sell the music I make for my games! It'll be easy right?!"


I don't know WTF the deal is with music, but it's a nightmare... Amazon MP3 has set prices and takes 15 days to even list the song (what...?) and you get your money after 60-90 days (what?!) and they only do monthly reports (SRSLY WHAT?!), Bandcamp seems nice, but it makes you deal with people directly, so I have to deal with sales tax (yeah, that's a thing now...internet sales tax) and endless $1 purchases in my paypal account (blegh), WHY I NO CAN HAZ SIMPLE?!

So, I'm just wondering what you guys have used or tried. I just feel kind of baffled.

EDIT: What about CDBaby? Anyone used that?

Posted by Kajenx - May 15th, 2013

Posted by Kajenx - May 1st, 2013

This post is just here to bump my earlier post since people kept posting on it, lol.

Here's a picture of an ant thing I drew to try out a different style on the computer.