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2013-05-01 03:04:02 by Kajenx

This post is just here to bump my earlier post since people kept posting on it, lol.

Here's a picture of an ant thing I drew to try out a different style on the computer.



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2013-05-01 03:11:30

That picture makes me feel itchy ;-;

It's pretty cool though.


2013-05-01 05:37:49



2013-05-01 08:20:17

Nice pic! Did you draw it directly on your computer?

Kajenx responds:

Yeah, haha. I was trying out how this fellow paints:

In the few tutorials I've seen by him, he mostly uses a round or square brush and just lays in color, not much to do with layers or brushes or filtering except near the end to correct some colors. It actually worked really well! It speeds things up quite a lot. I used to airbrush all the time, and it's kind of a waste, actually. Best to airbrush at the end if you want to make something smoother.


2013-05-02 08:45:18

Looks like a mutated version of Alien Hominid.