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Haha, nice work, over all. Keep making stuff. :)

This made me kind of upset. I wish it would have ended when everything was perfect. I feel like one of the main reasons people believe human nature is self-destructive is simply because it's become such a cliche to say it everywhere, all the time.

Still, great stuff though.

Knew it was you right away, haha.

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I'm amazed at how many cool ideas there are here. I almost closed it after it said "thanks for playing" though - I thought that was the end!

The controls aren't so great in the blood levels. I had to stop about halfway through those because I felt like I was fighting with the game to do what I wanted. I kind of liked how you told the story and how there was some adventure elements. The actual game part of it was never great fun, but the story line and world building kept me interested long past when I normally would have stopped playing, so nice work there. :)

Munguia responds:

thanks for comment and play

Kinda fun. There was a little bit of the whole "TOO MANY KEYS" thing going on, though. Especially in the last level. I think that would have been more fun if there were a few levels before that previewed the moves you needed, like jumping and throwing in a certain pattern. I had a feeling it was the end, so I stuck with it in spite of the sudden jump in difficulty, and it was fun to finish it out.

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Now bad for a first attempt! It's got some good production, but it also didn't stand out in any specific way to me. I think Dubstep kind of thrives on having a sort of gimmick or production theme to play with, you know?

Puttyboy responds:

Yeah in a way, but thank you :D Its a pretty old track from like 2 years ago, so it may sounds unoriginal cause back then I was trying to be like so many dubstep producers at once XP

The beat is cool. The rapping is pretty good, but I can't really hear it! Try bumping up the upper mid on the EQ so your voice cuts through better, and add a compressor so the S, T, and P sounds pop out more. That'll give your voice more of a drumbeat. I think you kinda want to spit into the mic a little bit, you know? Crack out the consonants like a whip and turn them into a drum kit.

I like it.

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You never post anything bad. :)

"The objective of the game is to rescue ailing minds from beneath the lids of their eyes by diving into the mental fabric of the mind and using a vast arsenal of weaponry specifically forged to cut out the contagious mental demons that grow there."

Game sounds like fire!

The background, shading, and drawing structure could use work. The linework and color is great though.

Haha, j/k, it's all good. :P

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