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William and Sly Update

2016-10-26 02:09:27 by Kajenx

I've been less lazy the past week or so and have actually done some work on my game.  My parents decided they were going to buy me a new computer as three years worth of birthday and christmas presents, so I'll be able to massively upgrade how I do shading.  For now I've been working on the fox, though.


Here's a video of the run cycle (this is kind of slow motion - runs about 1.8 speed in the game):


And some screenshots in game (after woking on the skin a bit).




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2016-10-26 06:52:43

Looking good!


2016-10-26 14:15:42

likeeeee... just played W&S 2... cant wait to see where this one goes!


2016-10-26 14:18:32

I likey da fox!


2016-10-26 14:50:08

:3 nice


2016-10-26 18:01:19

The running animation is exquisite, but the way his head dips and neck extends in the middle of the cycle feels too--I don't know, stretchy? Foxes tend to run with their heads up, making them appear almost regal, though I can certainly appreciate the more liquid style you've created here. And you totally nailed that effortless sort of gallop that foxes do. The Sly model looks fantastic.

Love the series; always have. The sheer expansiveness of this project and how well it's coming along continues to increase my overall level of anticipation!

(Updated ) Kajenx responds:

I did chang the neck a bit since I rendered this video. This actually ended up being a really fast run, so it's kind of a "bat outta hell" look in-game, haha. He's a magic fox who never gets tired, I guess. If you can do speedup on youtube, try setting it at 1.5.


2016-10-26 19:10:52

Woo woo! Tick tick! *snap*


2016-11-01 07:14:45

I love Sly so much.


2016-11-12 02:25:02

This is going to be awesome.