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Reddit is obessing over a guy who stands on a grate in Philadelphia.

2016-06-24 01:31:21 by Kajenx


I figure this is relevant to NG since the office is there.  Anyone had any sightings?

EDIT: Apparently it's by one of the dorms for UARTS.


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2016-06-24 01:49:09

I noticed this earlier and was somewhat confused. Is NG in the Philly city limits? I figured Glenside was a suburb...

Kajenx responds:

Hmm, Google maps says it's a 30 minute drive to the UARTS campus from Glenside.


2016-06-24 02:03:51

@DBuck-Eye Philly is a big place, the Philly airport is 40 minutes from the NG office, so i imagine it is within city limits. It's the biggest city radius wise i've ever been too. To travel so long within the same city, is crazy.


2016-06-24 04:52:09

Maybe the air puffing up he's shorts and shirt is not coming from that vent, but from a majestic fart.
He just stands on the vent to fade the smell away.


2016-06-24 07:56:17

I kinda wanna walk over and wave at you guys. I walk by that deli everyday

Kajenx responds:

Put on a Hawaiian shirt and some big puffy pants and go stand there.


2016-06-24 08:10:06

Its pretty far from the office. This guy is in center city, 12th and spruce it looks like. He left tho


2016-06-24 14:30:35

Woah it's nuts they have pictures going back 20 years, plus Google Maps. Sounds like he isn't interested in talking to people though.

The NG office is in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia, just over the border so everyone wouldn't have to pay Philly wage tax. :P

Kajenx responds:

You clever dog.


2016-07-25 00:38:36

this guy is amazing