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William and Sly - Some Terrain

2016-04-16 04:15:49 by Kajenx

Been working on different ways to do terrain.  This looks okayish.



William and Sly Terrain


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2016-04-16 11:10:36

A 3D William and Sly? That's pretty neat!


2016-04-24 07:09:25

Why not Unreal Engine 3 or 4? I don't know... I'm a little afraid due to the fact that "Bear Simulator" Got really bad... It's just an advice btw XD

Kajenx responds:

Unity seems to be working pretty well. What's the story behind bear simulator?


2016-04-25 11:50:01

I'm really REALLY hyped for this project!


2016-05-16 18:55:28

I'm also really looking forward to another William and Sly game!
I've played the first two of them, and I'm very fond of them.
They have such an relaxing atmosphere, and the depiction of nature is just superb.
When I play these games, I really wish I could be a small fox myself and venture through the woods :D