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Help me stop the trademark of "tower defense"!

2013-03-21 23:16:32 by Kajenx

So I usually don't do this sort of thing, but this one has always pissed me off.

There's a company that actually trademarked the name "tower defense" and they've been using it to send DMCA notices to people in the Apple app store.... It's been going on for a couple of years and I would have though by now SOMETHING would have been done about it. I haven't heard anything, though, so I decided to try out a petition. If you sign it, it'll sent Com2Us (the company) an email saying you're going to boycott their products unless they agree to stop enforcing their trademark. Let's fill up their inbox! m-enforcing-the-trademark-of-the-term-tower-defe nse


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2013-03-22 00:01:06

lol tower defense is a genre gaming type. I guess i should go trademark the word "adventure" while I'm at it. Well I don't do this often but I signed it :D


2013-03-22 00:01:52

Sorry for triple post don't even know how that happen O_o?

Kajenx responds:

I deleted the extras. :D Thanks for signing!


2013-03-22 05:00:15

Would it be possible instead to show the DMCA that "tower defense" was a term used for this class of games long before these guys decided to claim the phrase for themselves, and used frequently?

If the DMCA don't understand, then they need a slap of common sense. And somebody to put a claim to the phrase "role-play game".

(Updated ) Kajenx responds:

It might be possible to contest the trademark. Seems like you'd need lawyers and money for that though...I'm not really sure.


2013-03-22 05:10:52

I agree that this is ridiculous, but I think the authorities are partly to blame. The name should never have been trademarked in the first place. Now that it's already been trademarked, it's too late to stop its enforcement. Trademarks are going too far these days. This month, Louis Vuitton decided to sue a barber for having a stool with brown checks.

Kajenx responds:

Yeah, I'm thinking with this petition we go right to the company who trademarked the name and tell them to stop enforcing it with DMCA notices. At the very least we can let them know we're not happy about it, lol...

Speaking of ridiculous trademarks, Samsung vs. Apple... Nuff said... -_-


2013-03-22 05:11:59

Argh! I'm incredibly sorry about those comments. Nothing happened after any of my clicks, then I refreshed to see this.

Kajenx responds:

Haha, no worries!


2013-03-22 06:40:46

I think these COM2US guys are extremely smart and talented for doing this. What they did was absolutely genius. I am very proud of them and they should be proud of them selves too. I'm sure they'll win an Oscar or a Nobel Peace Prize next month. They are extremely generous and super kind for trade marking it! How sweet! Now they're encouraging people to be more creative with their titles! Wow! I love these guys!

Btw, I signed it.


2013-03-22 06:44:00

Why the freakin hell did Bloons Tower Defense have to change their title?

Their title was "BLOONS Tower Defense" not "Tower Defense" . Is the trade mark that strict?

That's freakin stupid. What's going to stop someone from going on an "asshole tradmarking" spree?

Maybe I should get rich and trade mark almost everything.
THEN, never ever press charges and let these terrible people with black cold hearts disrespect my trademarks. That sounds like the only way to counter this.

Can't let these trade marks get in the wrong hands, man.

Kajenx responds:

Yeah it's weird... I guess Apple doesn't care whether the trademark law REALLY applies or not, they just err on the side of stupid. XD


2013-03-22 07:15:22

This is like the bogus companies on YouTube sending copyright infringement notices to users for included tracks they claim to own and earn money from the ad revenue of said users. I'll definitely sign this.


2013-03-22 08:16:23

You know this is exactly the same thing that happened with Mojang's Notch and his game Scrolls and Bethesda and Elder Scrolls. Kinda surprised no one made that connection yet.

Kajenx responds:

I'd never heard about that. That's pretty WTF, though, LOL. They thought they owned the word "scrolls" lolol...


2013-03-23 13:34:38

Woa, what about games that came before those dicks trademarking the name? Fucking hell.


2013-03-24 02:42:13

seems to me the thing to do is not to sign silly, and just alert the DMCA of this infringement. you may find the following paper (discussing the property of genre) handy in your research: t_id=1264902

I would also doubt the credibility of "Com2Us". They appear to be a Korean company, and I don't doubt that they HAVE trademarked a genre. The part I doubt is that the blue-haired public officials have ever played a "tower defense" game, or were even aware that it was long considered to be a genre.
Also, why are they not extending their reach to say....newgrounds? Armorgames? Kongregate? Why not just google "tower defense" and slap everybody with virtual handcuffs? It's obviously a business strategy designed to edge out competition.

As I said, you should contact the DMCA and state your case as professionally as you dare. Just because you cannot afford a lawyer, doesn't mean you cannot afford justice. If you're American, then you cannot afford to NOT believe that if you ever want to be successful or happy.

Kajenx responds:

Lol, your second paragraph is exactly what I'm talking about. They're bullying the developers, and they'd probably be doing it even if they DIDN'T have the trademark. If anything, we should be angry with Apple for accepting any and all DMCA claims as valid, but I thought it would be best to go right to the source.


2013-03-27 14:45:59

Luckily, I don't have any device that their stuff is on anyway, so it's easier to boycott it. :P

Man, this copyright shit is getting stupid as hell...........

Kajenx responds:

ikr? blegh....