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Adventure Time Regular Show

2013-01-19 19:09:42 by Kajenx

So, like, I haven't watched Cartoon Network for a while, and decided to start doing it again, and...damn, where did all these awesome new surrealist shows come from? It's like they took all my best dreams and animated them with noodle limbs.

Also, Bender dog is awesome! :D

Adventure Time Regular Show


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2013-01-19 20:02:04

It's got no Ed Edd N Eddy anymore D':

Kajenx responds:

That WAS pretty funny. Too much phlem, though...kinda grozz.


2013-01-19 20:17:04

you gotta check out "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack". Waaaay better than adventure time.

Kajenx responds:

Was that by the Chowder people? I thought Chowder was terrible...


2013-01-19 20:37:39

i hate cartoons for some reason is there going to be a wilaim and sly 3

Kajenx responds:




2013-01-19 23:45:21

willaim and sly 2 was fun but too difficult trying to unfreeze the faries and the jumping was too hard

Kajenx responds:

If the jumping was hard, you probably have something stuck under your up arrow key. :3


2013-01-20 06:27:18

Try to keep up.

Kajenx responds:

I'm always behind. x_x


2013-01-20 14:59:41

I don't like surrealism, but BOY DO I LOVE SOME WHIMSY!

Kajenx responds:

Interesting distinction. Maybe I just like whimsy too. :3


2013-01-20 17:49:54

no stuipd trying to jump up on some of those platforms was hard

Kajenx responds:

Lol, I was making fun of you, silly!


2013-01-21 00:49:17

true this keyboard sucks ass since people smoke over it and getting ahses out of it is a bitch so it barely works


2013-01-21 03:27:05

idk. I agree Chowder is retarded. But Flapjaaack. So good.


2013-01-21 06:53:53

Nope, Chowder is by H. C. Greenblatt and is shittyballs. Flapjack is by Thurop Van Orman and is the best of the bunch.


2013-02-02 13:20:38

chowder is just plain creepy and flapjack is too
cartoon network is going downhill first CN real now shitty shows i miss the OG ben ten and courage