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Are you making any new year's resolutions?

2012-12-31 14:04:00 by Kajenx

I'm resolving to finish my game that's almost done anyway.

Aimin' low... :D

Are you making any new year's resolutions?


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2012-12-31 14:39:16

Interesting picture, is that concept art?

Kajenx responds:

It's part of the opening comic cutscene. :3


2012-12-31 14:42:11

I want to be happier next year!

Kajenx responds:

Always a good resolution.


2012-12-31 15:00:00

Hey I'll do that too!

Kajenx responds:

Haha, we're terrible. :D


2012-12-31 15:00:19

Oh and I'll resolve to announce winners for Best of 2011 too.

Kajenx responds:

Lol, no rush. :P

I felt bad you guys couldn't afford the trophies. I'd offer to help but I'm poor too. :3


2012-12-31 16:41:39

My new years resolution will be to learn mandarin and practice every day :)

Kajenx responds:

Hey, I've been doing french on my own for the past 6 months, but I've been interested in Mandarin too. I'll PM you some links. :D


2013-01-14 16:37:29

mine is to stare in your bedroom window untill you make a new game

Kajenx responds:


That sent a little chill up my spine. LOL